Want to look Taller: Leg Lengthening Surgery
There are different types of surgeries carried out by experts among which some are just to make one’s wish complete. There are people who have to go for the surgery as in many cases it is known as the last option only. By this method, you also can increase height after puberty as well.

The Surgery:

Surgery that makes you tall is one of the sought after procedures people talk about in the contemporary time among the people who are of short stature. The people who are looking for increasing the fingerbreadth in their actual height have found a way of getting this done with the help of leg lengthening surgery. People are of the view that this is the only process that they look up to if they want to add inches to their length and believe it to be a solution that is designed by God. This surgery was first introduced in Russia in the year 1950, in order to increase the height of people who were abnormally short. As individuals undergo this surgery, they feel as if their self-confidence and self-esteem is improved and they are more comfortable with their body shape.

How to go for this surgery?

People of all the age group can opt for this process of increasing their height. The other name given to this surgery is Osteogenesis. Leg lengthening surgery is also said to improve the repressed state of mind of an individual as it gives them a new dimension to look forward to. An important point to be considered before thinking of undertaking this surgery is choosing the surgeon who will perform the procedure. Another important task involves discussion with the physician about all the things you want to come out with. One of the most widely adopted procedures of leg lengthening is the Ilizarov technique for increasing the height and makes people taller. This surgery lasts for approximately 3 hours to complete and an observation of five days is required for which the patient has to stay in the hospital.

After the surgery, the patient has difficulty in mobility, for which therapies are provided by the physiotherapists. It is known to be a painful process of increasing the bones of the limbs because the surgery involves insertion of the instruments inside the limbs. To start with, the bones of the lower limb are fragmented and a device basically a rod is inserted that connects the two ends of the separated bones. This step is then followed by the stretching process that gradually stretches the bones so that they begin to grow in order to fill the gap that is created by the rod. It takes a complete year for the person to start walking after this surgery. There are also the chances of certain complications like an infection because of the insertion of the device into the skin. Another disadvantage towards undertaking this procedure is that it does not guarantee 100 percent safety for the person who undergoes this surgery. So, one has to ensure that all these measures are checked beforehand.

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