Using Automation in Your Instagram Marketing Strategy
Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks today with more than 8 million business accounts and over 700 million users. The mobile-based social network is also a marketing platform for brands seeking to reach an even wider demographic targeted reach, engage users, and drive social traffic to their websites. With more than 60% of users aged between 18 and 20, Instagram provides marketers and brands with a unique opportunity to engage with a growing base of young fans worldwide.

However, the success of your Instagram marketing strategy takes more than just posting attractive images of your brand or company. It is a product of a well-defined strategy using a combination of visual creativity and effective interaction with the Instagram community.

Here are some of the key strategies to incorporate into your Instagram marketing plan:

Get Discovered Via Hashtags 

Instagram hashtags make it easy to increase engagement and connect with new followers. To make good use of Instagram hashtags, craft them in a way that is easy to be discovered, read, and remembered. Remember, the goal of using hashtags is to reach out and connect with more followers and increase their engagement with your posts. A good example of a company that uses hashtags effectively is Pottery Barn through their hashtag #mypotterybarn. The hashtag helps to increase the company’s brand awareness and encourage users to engage with the company.

Exploit Instagram Social Sharing to Reach a Wider Audience  

Instagram allows users to connect their profiles with other social media networks such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Swarm, and Flickr. With an IFTTT Instagram recipe, you can automatically share photos and your brand’s message on other social networking sites. The social sharing feature gives you a good opportunity to spread your brand message to other social media platforms beyond Instagram.

Use Automation to Get More Followers

One of the most effective ways of gaining more followers and growing your brand’s Instagram account is by following other users and liking or commenting their posts. There are two ways of doing this, manually or by using an automation bot. 

An Instagram bot helps you to get real followers fast, with the least efforts. It does this by engaging with users in your specific niche or industry. For example, when you like or follow someone on Instagram, he or she is more likely to do the same. If you are an Instagram user, you must have checked a stranger’s profile simply because they followed you or liked your photo. It is this natural curiosity that grows an account’s followers and likes.

According to QuickSprout, for every 100 photos you like or comment on from people you don’t follow, you get 6.1 followers, on average. The problem is that you can’t spend whole days following and liking people and their stuff to grow your account.

An Instagram automation tool or bot will automatically follow, like, and unfollow those who don’t follow back just like a human being would do. It helps you grow your Instagram account hands-free in the shortest time possible.


As a word of caution, use Instagram automation responsibly. Avoid being too aggressive with automation or you will risk getting your account banned. Start by knowing your audience first and interacting with them. Use hashtags and share your posts on other social media networks and then start using automation to scale things up with less manual efforts.

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