The best drugs for potency TOP-5 (originals)
In this material, we will consider what erectile stimulants exist, compare them with each other and choose the best drugs for potency. To each of them we added infographics with the main characteristics. This will clearly show you their advantages and disadvantages. Also, for your convenience, we have attached lists of their cheap analogues to all erectile stimulants.

For 2019, modern medicine knows 5 substances that can significantly enhance an erection:


But you will most likely be known by their brand names, since pharmaceutical companies very rarely sell a drug under its pharmaceutical name (you can see the ratio of brands and substances in the picture).

What did we focus on when giving out places in the TOP?
Creating a rating of drugs to increase potency, we focused on 9 key indicators:

Percentage of men satisfied obtained erection after tablet (statistics Pharmacy Today - Official Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association).
The percentage of men who indicated the appearance of side effects after ingestion (statistics Pharmacy Today)
The cost of 1 tablet of a standard dosage on January 15, 2018 (from the website
The average price of generics (cheap analogues) on January 15, 2018 (from the online store
Assortment of generics  - how widely represented in Russia are the generics of one or another erectile stimulator.
Power - shows how effective the remedy will be in severe stages of erectile dysfunction (Magic Pills statistics)
Safety - shows how gently this or that remedy for potency affects a man’s body (Magic Pills statistics)
Speed ​​of effect - shows how quickly you get erectile doping after taking the pill.
Effect time - shows how long the action of the pill lasts.
The best drug for potency No. 5 - Viagra (Sildenafil)
Oddly enough, the last place with us is the most famous drug for male potency - Viagra. But it surprises exactly until you see its characteristics and statistical indicators - it shows that this erectile stimulator is frankly outdated. Viagra, like Joseph Kobzon - no one understands what he is doing on the stage and who is listening to him, but he continues to appear regularly. You can buy this pills at the Mexican online pharmacy drug for potency.

Infographics Viagra

Maximum power. Viagra is considered to be the most powerful drug to improve potency, but power has a flip side (we will talk about it in the shortcomings).

Relative availability. Compared with other branded potency regulators, Viagra is one of the cheapest potency remedies. But when compared with generics, then this one is still prohibitive.

Availability of generics. By the cost of Indian copies, Viagra is in second place immediately after Cialis.

The widest range of generics. You can choose a cheap copy based on Sildenafil in any dosage and in any form (tablets, software, gel, capsules and even pops). Such a huge assortment is explained by the popularity of Viagra and its accessibility to the legal side of its production.


Low security. This is the flip side of high power. Potency by potency, but health is the most important thing in the life of any man.

Joke in the subject! The funeral of people who died after taking Viagra creates certain difficulties for their relatives, since the coffin lid cannot be closed for about 3 days.

Low speed of the effect. Compared with Cialis (45 minutes), Zidena and Stendra (both 30 minutes each), an hour of waiting is a bit much.

The shortest duration of action. Of course, five hours is a lot, but compared with other erectile stimulants, this is the minimum result.

Viagra is an excellent solution only for men with advanced erectile dysfunction or immunity to other erectile stimulants. In other cases, Magic Pills recommends paying attention to other drugs in this category.

Cheap analogues of Viagra
Malegra 100 mg - low cost, good quality
Cenforce 100 mg - low cost, good quality
Kamagra Gold 100 mg - average cost, premium quality
more ...

The best drug for potency No. 4 - Levitra (vardenafil)
Many of our customers are loyal fans of Vardenafil, but objective reality says that, like Viagra, Levitra is already outdated. Its pharmacodynamic characteristics leave much to be desired, the level of safety is far from optimal, and the cost remains quite high. However, let's talk about everything in order.

Levitra infographics

Close to the golden mean. If we compare Levitra with the same Viagra, then the first power is also at a fairly high level, and the safety and risk of side effects are already lower.

Availability of generics. At cost, Indian copies of Levitra are roughly on par with copies of Viagra.


High price. Despite its rather mediocre characteristics, Levitra remains one of the most expensive stimulants of erectile function.

Low speed of the effect. As in the case of Viagra, one hour should pass from taking the pill to the appearance of the stimulating effect.

Short duration of action. Just an hour more than Viagra.


Vardenafil is suitable for those men who want to get a fairly powerful tool, but more sparing than Viagra. Of course, in the case of Vardenafil, we recommend you only generics, since Levitra itself is 100% not worth the money.

Cheap analogues of Levitra
Vilitra 20 mg - low cost, good quality
Valif 20 mg - average cost, premium quality
Lovevitra 20 mg - average cost, premium quality
more ...

The best drug for potency No. 3 - Zydena (Udenafil)
Few people know that this wonderful tool has a huge number of advantages over its competitors. It is worth noting that it would have every chance of first place in our ranking, if not for one significant drawback ...

Zydena infographics

High security. The likelihood of experiencing any side effects from taking is minimal. By this indicator, Ziden is second only to Stendra (but quite a bit).

Relative availability. Surprisingly, for the price of Ziden is on a par with Viagra.

The highest speed of action. After taking, you need to wait only 30 minutes.

Great action time. This drug provides erectile support for about 12 hours (more only in Cialis).


Lack of generics. This is the main disadvantage of the drug for the average buyer. At the time of writing this material in RuNet not a single copy of Ziden was found. That is, if you want to take Udenafil, you will have to pay 800% for the brand.

Low power. Zidena will be an excellent solution for men with an initial or middle stage of erectile dysfunction - with a running case, she is unlikely to cope properly.


If you are a wealthy man and prefer to buy original drugs for potency, then Ziden will be the perfect option for you, because she has an attractive price and excellent characteristics. If you want a great erectile stimulant at more affordable prices, then pay attention to other male medicines.

Cheap analogues of Ziden

It is interesting! Find out the list of the most effective and profitable generics in our unique rating "The Best Generics for Potency TOP 5" (infographic attached!).

The best drug for potency No. 2 - Stendra (Avanafil)
Infographics Stendra
Vivus launches Avanafil under the three brands of Stendra (in the USA), Spedra (in Europe) and Shlyndra (in Russia). With this joke, we wanted to say that Avanafil from Vivus is not officially sold in Russia. However, you can always buy his generic or order a drug from the United States for $ 25 (including all additional costs).


High security. If you are looking for a drug for potency without side effects, then Stendra is as close as possible to this title. In general, a milder erectile stimulant simply cannot be found.

Availability of copies. Yes, for a drug released in 2012, their availability is already an advantage!

The highest speed of action. Like Udenafil, Avanafil gives an erection very quickly - 30 minutes after taking it.


High cost and complexity of the purchase. Buy Avanafil made by Vivus is a whole quest that involves additional expenses (you need someone to buy there and send it to you).

The high cost of generics. Of course, relative to the Stendra itself, the price of generics is very low, but when compared with other “copies”, it turns out more expensive.

Short duration of action. This is the only pharmaceutical minus of the drug.

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