Reflex foot massage
For a lighter and more stable walk through life, let's give yourself a magical 40 minute foot treatment. This treatment completely balances the work of all internal organs and brings the whole body in perfect balance. It contributes to refreshing the skin and its deep cleansing.
Reflex massage of the foot consists of manipulation of the foot with hands, pressures and massage. With reflex massage you will do well to your health and naturally treat the body from the disease. The reflex foot massage of the foot goes back to the distant past. In ancient Egypt, it was used preventively to improve people's health. It was also used as an alternative medicine because it could solve and correct every medical problem in a natural way.

For these reasons, people always returned to her and used it as a unique method of natural healing.

Reflex massage of the foot is carried out by pressing the hand to the reflex points of the foot in order to bring the body and spirit into a state of great relaxation. Such a process will lead to the ultimate goal - it will stimulate self-healing, or start natural treatment of the entire organism. With this natural method your organism strengthen and fill energy, while the ghost will become more relaxed and smoother. Reflexology is triggered by the knowledge that all the nerves, organs and glands in your body are linked by points located on the feet and palms.

By stimulating points on the foot or palms, with a special massage technique and with the pressure of your fingers, an irritation is created on the part of the body you want to stimulate and stimulate the natural healing.

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