How does Magento Work
Magento is a powerful platform to launch sites for buying and selling products online. Some of the largest eCommerce companies in the market use this tool to improve their websites.

Basically it is a comprehensive open source solution for the development of web pages aimed at online sales. If you are thinking of opening a store on the network, there are several reasons why you should consider using Magento's help. About more information here:


One of the best things about Magento is that it is very easy to use. With a few simple steps the tool will allow you to connect your online store to PayPal, Google Shopping or other systems widely used by users. While some of the most important brands in the market use Magento, small companies can use it too.

Magento allows you to create a custom website with full control of the functionality and appearance of it.

To create an electronic store with Magento you need a broad knowledge in programming. Although the system facilitates the incorporation of some previously designed extensions, such as means of payment, shipping methods, customer service or responsive design, the truth is that managing some technical knowledge will facilitate the task of building an eCommerce site with this platform.



Regardless of the size of the store, Magento offers a wide variety of templates and themes that can be modified. With this, it is possible to obtain a virtual shop made entirely to measure.

Payment methods

With Magento it is possible to include a variety of payment options. In turn, the purchase process can be simple and with few steps. With these functions, companies make selling and buying their products online simple for users.


The system offers a Search Engine Optimization service associated with the page. This makes it easier to search and incorporate keywords, modify the metadata and choose the best titles to improve the company's positioning on the web.

Adaptability to mobile devices

Magento offers templates that fully adapt to tablets and smartphones.


It is possible to obtain detailed data on the performance of the online store and customers. With this information, companies can make better decisions and design strategies to improve their main weaknesses.

With this data, we can see Magento is a powerful solution for brands looking for a place in online commerce.

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