How do I know how much is the shipping cost from China for my products? | How to sell on Amazon FBA
How much is the shipping cost from China for my products? How to Sell on Amazon FBA these are few question which come in mind of everyone who start their business on Amazon recently. In the process of how to sell in Amazon there are several steps that we must follow to ensure that the product we chose will be profitable and we will have utility to sell it. One of the costs that are usually not estimated well is the shipping costs.

Shipping costs in case of Shipping from China to Amazon FBA are determined according to the number of shipments that are made per month, so it is most likely that the provider has an established account with shipping companies such as DHL, Fedex, UPS etc. and they have a lot of fees more favourable and economical than what you can have, if you are starting as a salesperson in Amazon.

The best thing you can do and it is a recommendation, is to ask your supplier to quote you the shipment with the accounts that they have already established, because they already have much cheaper rates due to the amount of monthly shipments they make and so you will benefit from those cheaper rates.

Remember you always have the last word as a customer and you are the one who accepts or not the price of the shipment, if it is high and it goes beyond your profit margin, you can always find another company that makes the shipment. You are the customer and you will pay in last for the merchandise, as long as it is according to your parameters quality and price.

Your first shipment with Amazon logistics

Learning to sell on Amazon in a professional way is essential and advises you with who knows the subject and has experience; they will take you on the right path.

If the Shipping from China to US on Amazon is completely new to you, you must first register as a seller on Amazon. When you are ready to list your products, select the Amazon Compliance (FBA) option. With this option, Amazon will store, prepare and ship your product, as well as manage customer service and returns. Your sole responsibility as a seller is to track your inventory and replenish when necessary.

An outline of the FBA process

Next, we went through the process of selling your products in FBA. Follow these steps to make sure that your first FBA shipment to the Amazon Fulfilment Center goes well:

Decide which products you want to sell in Amazon FBA (and contact a supplier)

Sign up to get an Amazon seller account

List the products you want to sell on Amazon FBA and create a shipping plan

Select a freight forwarder to handle the transportation from your supplier to the specified Compliance Center

Delivery of your products to the Amazon Logistics Center assigned

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