Why Free Speech Is Important on Social Media
Social media platforms were created to help us stay connected to our friends, family members, and loved ones. However, in the modern world, these platforms have grown into something much bigger. Multinational corporations and even the government utilize social media platforms such as Facebook to maintain a good reputation online. In a sense, companies and organizations have started to use social media to paint a picture of themselves that may or may not be true.

On social media platforms, you can post whatever is on your mind, right? After all, we all have a right to ‘Freedom of speech’, correct? While that is true in most cases, expressing yourself on social media may not be so easy. The First Amendment protects us from government censorship, but it doesn’t prevent private companies like social media website owners to censor what users post on their platform. Let’s explore why it is significant in the modern world.

The role of social media in promoting free speech

Freedom of speech is one of the fundamental human rights that everybody should be allowed to exercise regardless of their limitations, age, gender, ethnicity, or other factors. Free speech is closely related to other fundamental human rights and allows a society to improve, develop, and progress further.

Social media is a platform to reach the masses. Today, billions of people from all over the world use social media. The trends in social media can impact the lives of many people. Thus, it is the best platform to promote the free exchange of ideas. No matter where you live in the world, you can convey your views and opinions at the click of a button to the entire nation or even the whole world.

The free exchange of ideas is important to maintain a healthy democracy. If it is restricted, it is the same restricting the right to breathe air or eat food.

Why there are restrictions on Free Speech

Promoting free speech is important but we also have to make sure to do it in a positive way. That’s why there are restrictions set by the government on certain categories of speech as it can affect the interests of the common people negatively. Any kind of speech that promotes fighting, violence, hatred, illegal activity, obscenity, profanity, defamation is prohibited by the government.

Thus, if you practice free speech to spread negativity, violence, or infringe, you can be held responsible for your actions.

Another reason why there are certain restrictions in place is to protect intellectual property rights. You cannot steal content and promote it on your own or advertise it as free speech. The goal of using social media as a tool to promote freedom of speech is to discuss new ideas that can benefit society as a whole. It should not be used as a guard to protect the personal interests that you may have.


Businesses can also use free speech on social media to show their concern for society and build social engagement. This can also allow them to improve their reputation online.

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