What Are Some Renewable Energy Sources?
Renewable resources are those resources that can be renewed easily. This includes those resources that are obtained naturally or by any artificial means. These resources are proven out to be eco-friendly as well as best to consider.

When it comes to knowing about, “What Are Some Renewable Energy Sources?” There are so many available. Here some resources are mentioned that are totally renewable. These are:

•    Tidal energy
•    Wind energy
•    Geothermal energy
•    Radiant energy
•    Hydroelectricity
•    Compressed natural gas
•    Solar energy
•    Nuclear energy
•    Biomass
•    Biogas

Apart from all the above-mentioned energies, there are some more also available. It has been clear about what are the renewable sources of energy. There are some more queries arisen. But when it comes to knowing about, “What Is the Best Renewable Energy Source”, you must consider the under mentioned ones:

• Biomass
It is the energy that has been derived from organic matter present around. This is run for thousands of years. It was started when people started to burn wood to cook. Wood is also considered to be one of the best biomass energy resources.  Apart from wood, there are some other components also available, which will help out to have biomass. Such as plants, residues of organic materials like products from agriculture and forestry and so on.

• Solar energy
When it comes to solar energy, the first thing that strikes the mind is how it can be obtained. As the name suggests, solar energy is derived from the sun. The energy emitted by the sun is converted into solar energy by means of some several types of equipment like solar panels etc. All these convert solar energy into a usable form of energy.

• Compressed natural gas
CNG is an alternative form of gasoline, diesel or propanol fuel. This is best to use because it gets easily diffused in the surroundings. Therefore, it does not contribute to any kind of pollution in the surrounding. Apart from all these things, it releases all the gases in the environment which are known as greenhouse gases.

• Hydroelectricity
This is one of the forms of energy that has been widely used. As the name suggests hydroelectricity, where, hydro means water and electricity means light. Production of light with the use of water is termed as hydroelectricity. There are so many kinds of plants that are placed in rural and urban areas for the production of electricity with the help of water.

• Radiant energy
There are numerous devices are installed which do not act as the pure supplier of electricity, but emits radiant energy. This energy is further used for other purposes. This is totally a kind of renewable source of energy.

• Wind energy
There are numerous of ways are available that are used to convert wind into one of the usable forms. This wind energy is further used in the process of irrigating or grazing the field. To generate this particular kind of energy some special devices are installed such as wind turbines.
All these are the renewable resources of energy and are used in various means. These are eco-friendly and cost effective as well.

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