Getting Medical Marijuana in Florida
Florida is one state where you can get medical marijuana in the United States. The Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act of 2014 allowed the use of “low-THC cannabis” like CBD for qualified patients based on a doctor’s recommendation. In 2016, the act was amended to include full-strength medical cannabis, which can only be prescribed for terminally ill cases. Generally, you can get two types of medical marijuana, and the type you get will depend on your condition.

Getting a prescription
You can not go to just any doctor if you want to try medical marijuana for your condition. You need to go to a doctor who is certified to prescribe medical marijuana. These state-certified doctors will make sure that you have the approved conditions and that you have tried other treatments and your condition has not approved. You can not go directly to a “pot doctor.” You have to try out the generic treatments first, and if they do not work, then you can turn to medical marijuana. To find a certified physician, you can check the Medical Marijuana Qualified Ordering Physician search tool which you can access online. You can find more details about payspi on

What conditions are approved?
The use of medical marijuana is still limited. As mentioned earlier, there is a list of approved conditions and they are cancer, HIV/AIDS, Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, PTSD, epilepsy, glaucoma, ALS, arthritis, anorexia, and anxiety. The law also makes room for other conditions that are of the same kind as the conditions listed above.

Getting a registry ID card
When the doctor examines you and approves your need for medical marijuana, the doctor will enter his and your information in the Medical Marijuana Use Registry so that you can get an ID number. The doctor will then give you an ID number and will sign a form that you take to the Florida Department of Health to apply for the registry ID card. The department will have to approve your application before sending you a card that contains your ID number, which you need to buy the medical marijuana in a dispensary. Owning this card means that you have been included in the Compassionate Use Registry, which is a list of all the people in Florida who have been prescribed medical marijuana.

Take note that under Florida law, only licensed organizations can grow and distribute medical marijuana to make sure that you get your medical marijuana from a licensed and recognized dispensary. The regulation and use of the drug are overseen by the Florida Department of Health Office of Medical Marijuana Use. The same department also licenses the businesses that want to cultivate and dispense cannabis. If you want to read more about medical marijuana, check out and read their numerous articles about the topic.

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