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The latest trendy eyewear will leave you looking spectacular in 2018. While 2017 was filled with not seen before eyeglass trends, the best is yet to come this 2018. Just 20 minutes from Miami, you can visit an optometrist in Pembroke Pines, FL that has beautifully designed eyewear that can revitalize your look better than any other accessory.

From traditional round glasses to more classic aviator styles or slim metallic frames, to even slimmer acetate styles, these classy trends of tailored frames represent old-school elegance in contemporary styles and designs guaranteed to complement your looks.  If you are like most other fashion-forward style influencers, then you will never run out of the abundant eyewear frames that each New Year presents to enable fashion enthusiasts to experiment with. Moreover, it doesn't matter whether you are looking forward to transforming your look or just interested in upgrading your eyewear, the plethora of eyewear styles and colors to choose from will add something new to your eyeglass collection.


This year provides an opportunity for the return of sleeker and trendier eyeglass frame designs, tailored to suit personal style and preference. They are more likely to replace 2017's bigger oversized frame designs, reinforcing the mantra that bigger does not always mean better. Perhaps the hottest and most appreciated eyeglass style trend to watch out for in 2018 is thin metal frames. They were popular in the 90s, but it seems the current generation is also showing their appreciation for what is elegant and stylish by bringing them back. Trimmed down to perfection attained via definite sculpted lines, you will enjoy thin metal frames, specially designed and tailored to feel light and sleek on your face.

Donning thick eyewear frames is not bad at all, but sometimes it is good to take advantage of new trends to refresh your look. Replace your larger aviator-style frame with round thin-framed glasses. The playful minimalist will find this trend a perfect match for their style, which they find fun. These celebrity-approved thin metal frames continue to be a popular choice.



Retro minimalism: People love retro as much as they do minimal. A blend of the two is the perfect fashion idea. Retro minimalism sets the stage for prescription eyewear this 2018. Four-eyed fashionistas have yet another chance to enjoy some traces of vintage-inspired styling. A certain generation of men and women that prefer to keep it simple yet sophisticated will find this style too tempting to ignore.

Futuristic Shades: Virtually everything has been turning sci-fi lately. While you may not be able to blend in with the crowd or the general background, this is perfect for trendsetters who feel confident about themselves and are not afraid to show it.

Tinted Lenses: Tinted and mirrored lenses took the world of 2017 by storm, and they are expected to get hotter over the course of 2018. Tinted sunglasses come in various shades, from cool blues to pinkish reds and beyond. Get your eyes the much-needed UV protection while still affording to look trendy and stylish. Tinted sunglasses are not ready to be obsolete yet.


Bolder and brighter colors are likely to characterize this year's eyeglass fashion. Introduce your favorite colors to the designer eyeglasses you just added to your eyewear collection. There is a wide range to choose from, including translucent pink, grey, brown, taupe, and even citrine.

Brands and Looks

Calvin Klein eyewear flaunts the same mix of stark modernity and timeless sophistication that grace CK's clothing line to make it influential. The iconic designer's selection of glasses gives style, shape and color options to match personal aesthetic. There are also various frames to choose from, including metal-crafted rectangular frames and ultra-weight acetate D-frames, all designed for comfort, style, and versatility. Whether you want to keep the eyeglasses on at the office or proceed to have dinner plans with them on, these glasses go with virtually anything, from simple t-shirt and jeans to classic suit and tie.

Gucci Glasses: Gucci is a classic/iconic brand and has an outstanding collection of luxury eyeglasses. The brand deserves to hold a place for the epitome of fashion. All pairs feature a blend of contemporary sophistication and timeless heritage. Frames come in various colors, with bold yet simple silhouettes. These eyewear items are both stylish and captivating. With these and many other brands in the market, you will never run out of eyewear styles and ideas this year.

Now that you know what is in style, head out and get your new eyeglasses!

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