Over-Exercising: Scary Side Affects You Should Know
As we all know that doing exercise is very beneficial for health but over exercising is harmful. According to the experts, overtraining could have the negative side effects that can be very serious? It is better to have that much that is needed by the body.

Always have that expert’s advice or the help of the trainer who can guide you and create a programme that suits your body and that doesn’t work negatively on your health. Here are some of the scary effects that you can experience after the over exercising.

Poor mental Health-You can be prone to depression, anxiety, and poor mental health when you are doing exercise more than 8 hours a week. Sometimes people shifts towards the anger, mood swing, confusion and irritability after having the overstressed body.

Decreasing Energy Level:
After having the heavy workout or the over exercise you can sometimes you constantly feel physically and mentally tired and needs a rest.

According to the study while moderate exercise gives you the relaxed body which in results gives you the blissful sleep on the other hand over exercising spoils all your nights due to restlessness and disrupted sleep.

Doing exercise works on your muscles and they need time to recover when you don’t give time to recover muscles have persistent soreness and can seriously hamper your everyday activities. To avoid this give gaps in your exercise schedule and can also have the medicines working for your pain from the online pharmacy where you can have the non-prescribed and prescribed medicines at your doorsteps.

Heart Problem:
Over-exercising can also lead to death from heart attack or stroke. A person can have the irregular heart rhythm in old age when in younger age believe in doing over workouts.

Dark Urine:
Over exercising also leads to kidney problems. You can sometimes notice the change in the urine after workouts. The problem from which the person can be affected is called rhabdomyolysis. This is the condition where the damaged muscle tissue leaks into the blood.

Missing Periods:
In females doing over exercise can affect their periods. this condition arises due to a dip in estrogen levels and sometimes can also lead to osteoporosis.

Problems In Joints:
Over workout can also weaken the joints and sometimes results in joint injuries. So never go for such workouts and make it all beneficial to your health not harming to the serious level.

Exercise is a good habit so don’t make it an overdoing habit as sometimes you have to pay for it by suffering from various health issues as mentioned above. When you do exercise it means you are making all your muscles and body organs to work properly but putting extra stress on them can lead to damage that results in issues that can go to the severity. Always keep in mind to have a good trainer who not only helps you according to your stamina but also deals with what actually your body needs.

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