Is Anxiety and Depression Both The Same Thing?
Anxiety and depression are the two most common mental problems which are usually confused by people. Undoubtedly, anxiety and depression are different medical condition but certainly, they share some similarities. Moreover, there are high chances that people might suffer from both depression and anxiety and the symptoms, causes and treatments of depression and anxiety can overlap.

According to the medical experts, depression is one condition which has lots of different symptoms and the effects differ from person to person. On the other hand, anxiety can be categorized as an umbrella that covers a range of more specific conditions which includes but is not limited to phobias, panic, disorder, adjustment disorder and stress reaction.

Depression is defined by having low mood or loss of interest or enjoyment in most activities for weeks or months. In most of the cases, people suffering from depression experiences guilt, helplessness, thought of death, suicide, or self-harm and more whereas, in case of anxiety disorder the individual usually have excessive anxiety and worry. Most of the people find it difficult to control these feelings and as a result, they experience restlessness and irritability. In addition, people with anxiety disorder faces trouble without any obvious logical reason or cause to their problem.

Considering the physical side of the most common mental problems, the generalized symptoms which made people confuse between the two include fatigue/tiredness, muscle tension, and aches, headaches, poor concentration, being fidgety or unable to sit still, difficulty sleeping. Other than common symptoms the people suffering from depression might also face weight gain or loss and slower movements whereas people with anxiety often face dizziness, dry mouth, bowel problems, pain in the chest, and shortness of breath.

Cause of anxiety and depression:
Being a mental problem, stress, lower self-esteem, and long-term health conditions are considered as the major reason behind the anxiety and depression. However, with continuous research, the imbalances in brain chemical also come out as one of the major reason which triggers medical conditions like anxiety and depression.

According to the medical reports, lower level of brain chemical called serotonin and dopamine contributes to depression and the imbalance of serotonin and norepinephrine causes anxiety. They are often triggered due to the over activity in the areas of brain which involves emotions.

Treatment for anxiety and depression:
Since the symptoms and effect of both medical conditions differ from person to person and as per the circumstances, the experts decide on the treatment after thoroughly examining the condition and symptoms. In most of the cases, the medical experts suggest some combination of medication and talking therapies for effective recovery.

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