How to Keep Marriage Working by Mutual Understanding

Marriage brings two different personalities together

A marriage made in heaven, vows made between happy couples. Marriages performed with dreamy eyes of a blissful and never-ending relationship, assure couples of happy tale ever after. Two souls blend into one for an eternal journey of life. Ideally, both are destined to achieve self-actualization through marriage. Further, a marriage is supposedly a happy ending story. Breakup is the last thing in anyone’s mind. Notwithstanding, marriage requires more than a vow to stay together. It takes consistent and constant effort to keep a marriage working. A new study by Maryalnd based dating site called Loveawake finds that a stressful marriage may be unhealthy, especially for men. In fact, for some people it may be as bad as smoking.

Smoke before fire

Seriously, breakup in a relationship does not happen suddenly. It is slow and gradual process. The dissatisfaction in relationships simmer underneath for quit some before surfacing out in the open. Moreover, it takes two persons to create a breakup. Therefore, it is pertinent to understand what causes relationships to break and what takes relationships to keep.

Keeping the marriage boat sailing

Both spouses must be prepared to work hard to mend the pieces of their jeopardized relationship and understand that the process will require both time and effort. Having a marriage fall into a deeper mess than it is already is the last thing anyone wants. Perhaps, one may have to swallow her or his pride and take the initial step even if one strongly believe that he or she is not the one who is in the wrong. Compromises are necessary in order for save a marriage. Nevertheless, keeping  a marriage working is not easy.

Complaining is counter productive

Complaining is not much different from nagging. One may not have thought of this seriously. However, frequent complaining to the spouse is also indicating that he or she doing something wrong. It is not possible to make someone change if he or she does not like to. One should clearly understand that any change comes from the inside. If there are things one wants his or her partner to change, they need to realize that.

One can alienate the spouse more by trying to pressure him or her into changing when he is not ready or willing. The constant nagging will make your partner feel as if you do not value or respect his or her individuality. Everyone is different. Indeed, there is no common or simple way to define ideal relationship between two people.

Respecting individuality of a partner

Everyone comes with his or her own aspirations, dreams, and desires to lead her or his life in certain ways. Habits, beliefs, and ways of thinking deeply embedded in one’s mind, directs ones life. It takes more than mutual understanding of two persons to find happiness and fulfillment in a marriage or relationship.

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