How long does it take to sell a probate house?

To sell a probate house can take months and there are far too many variables for example:

• Time of the year – often July and August people are on holidays and in September they are getting ready for Christmas (just 12 weeks away) and with High Street solicitors averaging 12 weeks to achieve conveyancing at best case scenario, many buyers tend to stay put until January or February.

• Condition of property – many first time buyers and even 2nd time buyers seek properties that do not need any work

• Availability of new build and other properties within close proximity – new build properties require just 5% deposit to purchase whereas pre-loved properties require at least 15% deposit.

Grant of Probate takes between 6 to 8 weeks, depending on your circumstances. 

If you are unsure, it is worth talking to our probate property service for your free advice on 0113 320 6700.

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Sale of probate property can be a long process depending on size of property, condition and value.  Vast majority of issues have to be resolved, property looked after and then sold.  These can range from mediation between family members, after death of a loved one or agreeing who pays for the bills while probate estate is settled.  This process can be complex.  It often comes at a time of huge emotional strain for family members and the Executors involved. 

Often in these probate property cases, what is required is certainty and speed.  Because with mounting probate bills, and potentially issues between beneficiaries can lead to further stress and anxiety that is unnecessary and total avoidable.  One such option is to sell the property at a fair price to a cash house buyer like Property Saviour who are ethical probate house buying company.

Our comprehensive probate property service is designed to take away the worry, stress and dealing with issues that arise.  Our sympathetic approach is sensitive to family needs, and is professional and responsive.  This results in a fully comprehensive house clearance service, at no cost to you.  In addition, we will promptly exchange contracts with you – and release the deposit, allowing you to start paying some of the bills.

Our probate property service includes following benefits:

• Fair valuation of your property
• Quick exchange and completion
• £500 contribution towards your legal fees
• Free EPC certificate!
• Free fully comprehensive empty property insurance – saving you thousands!
• Free thorough house clearance service – further saving you £500 to £1,000.
• Tidy up of overgrown garden
• Secure property and protect your property from any potential break-ins.
• Winter drain-down of property
• Meter reading and reporting to utilities and council on your behalf.

Please call us on 0113 320 6700 or fill in our online enquiry form.

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