Finding the best Miami dentist down town
We love being down town in Miami, and there is absolutely no reason why you should have to compromise on having to go elsewhere to get access to the daily, weekly, and monthly services that you need! Sure, there are plenty of great places for most things all over Miami, but there is absolutely nothing quite like our little down town haven, and that is exactly where we like to stay. One of the challenges of this of course is that many people around here assume that they are not able to find the best healthcare and dental care down town, and so they trek all over the place in order to get to it. But you would never consider ignoring your local San Diego dentist if you lived in down town San Diego, so why do we all do it in down town Miami?

The response to that is usually the same thing: but the only dentist that I even know isn’t in down town Miami! It can be very difficult to break out of habits that you have led for years, even if you know that there is a better option out there, and that is even more true when it comes to healthcare. It takes time to build up trust and a rapport with a medical professional, and when it comes to your dentist, there is an element of comfort that you can get from going to see the same person over and over again. But that does not necessarily mean that it is right for you to go on and continue seeing them over and over again, just because that is what you have always done before. Maybe it is time to create a new habit, one that is based right here in down town Miami, supporting local businesses and massively cutting down your travelling time?

So we’ve got you convinced – now what? It is often easier said than done to just find something new, and a good quality dentist is hard to replace. Although San Diego dentists are often considered to be the absolute best, we have plenty of home grown dental talent here, and many practices that include dentists from all over who chose to be here in down town Miami – which just goes to show how awesome this place is! If you are seriously considering switching dentists and finding one that you can really trust and depend on in down town Miami, then there are three easy ways that you can do that:

1. Ask for recommendations

It really could be as simple as that! After all, your neighbours, colleagues, even your kids’ friends’ parents must all go to the dentist once in a while, so they may have some pretty good ideas about where you could go that you may otherwise never have heard of.

2. Look online

There are some great maps online that show you the different dental practices that are around here, and one of the benefits of looking online is that you can read all of the different reviews that people have put up there – and if they are honest, then you should get a pretty clear idea whether or not they are worth checking out.

3. Talk to your current dentist

You may think that this one is a little awkward, but hear us out on this: there is going to be no one better to recommend a highly trained and highly trusted dentist in down town Miami than another dentist from Miami! Just explain to them that you’re looking for someone more local to you, and they should be happy to help.

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