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What interesting ways to spend time on weekends can you recommend to try?

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  1. Have you been in escape rooms? It is good way to spend time with friends or with your family. There are so many different genres nowadays. Like example check national treasure escape room https://questfactor.us/national-treasure-shoreline-escape-room It was cool experience for me.

  2. My weekends consist mostly of the same activities that you would see during the rest of the week!
    Saturday and Sunday I will find myself up before the Sun. I brew my coffee and change out of my P.J’s while I wait.
    Once the coffee fills my mug, I initiate my research. Typically, I try to read at least one chapter of one book per day, which allocates mental space for me to ponder what I just read.
    I then will find myself on Quora writing questions. I wouldn’t say that the weekend has any effect on the quality or quantity of my them; that’s based on what I did the day before.
    I then indulge in programming research where I work on projects that are used as bits for bigger projects that I have planned. The weekend has the disadvantage of family being home. It’s a disadvantage because they tend to be noisy and distracting.
    By this time the day begins to calm down and I drift off to either play video games or read up on my theoretical physics books.

  3. I can recommend to play online games, such as LOL! It has an open world, colorful characters and a lot of players playing it every day! And if you want to start playing on a par right away, you can buy a head account here: http://www.unrankedsmurfs.com/league-of-legends/lol-account