5 Things to Consider When You Buy Latin Dance Shoes
Whether you are joining a cha-cha-cha class or Salsa, whether it is Tango or Rumba, if you have just arrived on the floor, you might have many questions. Dancing is the tricks you do with your legs. For that purpose, the quality of dance and movements depend a lot on your dance shoes. The right type of shoes helps you to learn dance better as it is directly connected to the comfort of your feet.

If you are new on the stage, you know how your dance shoe adds confidence and grace with each move. If your shoes are sticking to the concrete floor or not lifting as swiftly as they should, you should ponder on the reasons. If you are looking for a perfect pair of dance shoes, you should consider the following features while buying them:

1.The fit

If you are buying your first pair of dance shoes, you must ensure that it fits like a glove to your feet. Especially the portion of heels and ankles. Any shoes would stretch after some time of its usage so, make sure it is not too tight or loose. Your new pair of shoes should provide you flexibility along with stability while you move quickly on the dance floor.

2.Open toe shoes or closed toe

Different types of dancing need different types of shoes. For example, dance forms like Rumba and Salsa have more articulation of feet and toe pointing while dancing. Thus, it requires an open toe shoe. It makes the footwork easy and precise. However, dance styles like Waltz or Foxtrot need more traditional look which requires you to wear a pair of closed toe shoes.

If you are a novice dancer and have just started the practice, you have higher chances of getting stepped on often. Thus, you are suggested to have closed toe shoe that would serve you some protection and help you to dance for longer hours.

3.Choosing the heels

You can have dance shoes ranging from as low as 0.5” to 3.5”. Many manufacturers also produce shoes with 4+” which is not highly uncommon. The height of your heels depends on your comfort level and thus, you should never compromise on that. Also, your overall height, the shape of feet and type of dance also matter when it comes to the height of heels.

For the commencing phase, you can go on the floor with flats or sneakers. However, as you grasp the skills, you can increase the height of your heels. Get acquainted with 2” of heels and then go further. Shoes with the heel heights 2.5” and 3” are most common among professional and competitor level dancers.

4.Fabrics and straps

When it comes to fabric, most of the dancers prefer leather or satin for their Latin dance shoes. Dancers also dye their shoes to match it perfectly with their costume. As they are available in a wide range of variety these days, you can get your desired shoes without any hassle of dying as well.

When it comes to straps, they are mostly in the open toe shoes. Open toe shoes are hugely preferred by the competitors as they can show off their foot moves completely. This strappy style looks attractive but, thin straps have often been reported for causing pain. Wider straps would be kind to your feet. Whichever fabric you choose, whether it has a thin strap or wide, it must be comfy for you.

5.Buying dance shoes online or offline

You might buy your flats or sneakers as a learner, which can be purchased offline. Nevertheless, if you are buying your first heels, you must go online. Not just the range of variety, you can also find various styles of heels as well as the heights.  For any dancing shoes, you can get up to 20% off on shoes with Macy's coupons. If you want to buy it in the most affordable way, you can consider discount sales or coupons.

Last but most important thing is its maintenance. After all the passion your show on the floor you have to make sure it continues. Moisture is the first thing that kills your shoes’ capability. It is crucial for you to maintain your shoes by keeping them dry and competent. Follow other tips given above and get an ideal pair of shoes for your one and forever dance time.

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