O,Miami at The Underline

April 24, 2021

(Brickell) Saturday, 4/24/21

It was almost a dark and stormy night. A few raindrops began to fall, but South Florida being South Florida, the sky cleared and it was great to be among people again. Of course, Scott was there with Melody and Melissa and Kristia was wo-manning a table. Nathan was there with Bookleggers. It seemed as if no time had passed (though 13 months had slipped by). I spoke with Luna and Miriam, who were glad to be out. Everybody was excited. Some (the writer included) were attending their first event with more than one other person. The UNDERLINE is beautiful, bright green, clean. The event goes on tonight and tomorrow 8-10 pm and is one of O,Miami's best (live) events.


Jonathan Rose is an immigration attorney, journalist, poet, and activist
who publishes CULTURAL BULLETIN.



Luna & Miriam