Travel Tips For Your Trip To Turkey

During my recent visit to turkey, I got a chance to travel to a famous place called Istanbul and also other interesting places in northern Turkey for a month. The Turkish land is loaded with lots of surprises, the locals there are incredibly kind (towards foreigners visiting Turkey) and especially the culture in turkey is totally different from the places which I have visited all around the world.

There are few handy points to be remembered before traveling to Turkey and which will help you secure the Turkey visa

·         Pick up few catchy phrases in the Turkish language
·         Vegetarian Turkish food is easy to come by and delightful

Based on my real-time experience, you can consider few tips assuming these will make your Turkey travel planning simpler:

         Apply for Turkey Visa Online (easy even with a passport or an equivalent document)
         Try to be choosy while selecting an accommodation
         Pick up few catchy phrases in the Turkish language
         Pack something which you would do similar to Europe
         Do a deep dive in tasting different varieties of Turkish vegetarian food
         Try to be bounded to the budget and be cautious
         Beware of scams in Istanbul
         Try using the public transport across Turkey
         Turkey is beyond Istanbul, Give it a try
         Be friendly with the locals

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