Heritage Tour Agra - A Visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site

This city of Agra gained prominence during Mughal dynasty. Many historical monuments built by Mughal Emperors glorify the city of Agra. Among them, the UNESCO world heritage monument and site, The Taj Mahal, is having international fame and importance. The Taj Mahal is also one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

History of Agra

Agra had been the capital city of mighty Mughal dynasty for over one hundred years. Three Emperors from Mughal dynasty ruled over their kingdom from Agra. Their never ending wealth and love of beauty, art and architecture were expressed in form of numbers of historical heritage monuments, which were built by them during their ruling period, in and around the city of Agra.  Agra’s historical heritage monuments display the grandeur of Persian, Islamic and Hindu influences.  

Apart from the heritage historical monuments, Agra also promises an ideal representation of India’s traditional multi religion culture. The Hindu, Muslim and Sikh population of Agra co-exist and prosper peacefully, still living in the traditional Indian lifestyle. They all celebrate their different festivals and fairs together, combining the tradition of unity in diversity, as told to them and practiced by their fore fathers.

Agra is a city of rich leather and footwear industry. Footwear made in Agra by Agra craftsmen, has made its presence felt in the international market. This Agra footwear is hand made by traditional craftsmen, who are doing this shoe making business from many generations.

Agra is surrounded by villages, having farming as their main trade. The village population visit Agra city for their daily or special needs. Agra bazaars are full of fabrics, spices, jewelry and house hold wares and goods, vegetables, fruits etc. The spectacular view of Agra and its population provides a classic look of North Indian tradition and culture.

Heritage tour Agra 

Heritage tours Agra begins with visit to the Taj Mahal and its surrounding monuments. After that, visit to the Agra Red Fort is made. Visit to Itmad-ud-daula, the glorious tomb and the lesser known tombs are essential part of Heritage tour Agra. This tour is incomplete without a walk in the bazaar in the old Agra city.

The city of Fatehpur Sikri, built by great Mughal Emperor Akbar, is just half an hour drive from Agra. It is architecture of a whole city to be seen to be believed; presently lying abandoned and is a heritage tourism attraction. 
The cuisine of Agra takes the tourist to the era of Mughal dynasty. It is also a revisit to the grandeur of Mughal chefs.

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