Following Trends: A Stylish Home on a Budget

Even with a generous budget, pulling off a stylish home interior isn’t easy as it seems. Decorating trends change on an almost monthly basis, and when you eventually find the courage to give your space a shot of style and personality, the trend wave has probably gone. Still, there are plenty of things you can do to give your home a quick and modern update that will impress the visitors whether they are reading interior style magazines or not. And the best part – these ideas fall into every budget range.  

Changed perspective

Before you invest money in a new painting or an expensive furniture piece, try to determine the best assets that you already have in your home and think of a way to showcase them. If it is the beautiful parquet floor, purchase a small area rug that will cover only a portion of it. If there is a beautiful view from your windows, position your lounging area or the bed so that you take the best advantage of it. These changes are minimal, but they will definitely bring up your home’s unique features.

The element of surprise

Whatever style you choose, every room in your home needs to have an unexpected piece that will create the ‘wow’ effect. The possibilities are near to endless. It can be trim painted in a statement colour or a bold artwork. Sometimes even arranging the furniture in an unusual way can produce an intriguing effect.

Thoughtful lighting choices

Many homeowners make the mistake of keeping the light fixtures that were there when they moved in. It is natural that hanging a new pendant light or replacing the sconces is not among the first things on anyone’s list. However, the choice of lighting can have a great impact on the home decor. You don’t even have to spend a cent. By moving a fixture from one room to another, you can change the space completely. It is important that your lighting pieces follow the overall story that you have going on. Fairylike sconces will stand out in the Scandinavian style, but not in a good way.  

Seasonal color play

Home décor trends change from season to season. If you are looking to revive your living space with stylish colour palettes, instead of grabbing a paintbrush, focus on replacing a few key pieces that will give you a quick update. Any room can be brought up to date with inexpensive items, like cushions, table runners, throws and rugs. Create a balance in an incoherent space by transferring the colours from your artwork to accessories.

Memorable artwork

The online market is crowded with amazing art prints, but also original art pieces. Whether it is a conceptual poster of your favourite movie from Etsy or a commissioned art piece, unique artwork can give your home more character and provide your guests with a distant hint of what you love.

Space-smart decluttering

One of the things that is always out of style is clutter. Disorganized heaps of stuff will kill any interior style and degrade the quality of living in any home. You can, for example, find practical built-in wardrobes in Brisbane, which will create an open space feel and help you make your room shine. These custom-made storage solutions will allow you to use all the available space. Above all, they come in a variety of finishes you can choose from, so you can match the wardrobe to the rest of your home décor.

Not everyone can afford high-end interior designer pieces. With trends shifting so fast, it is much wiser to look for more affordable interior ideas. These styling and decorating tips and tricks will get your place ready for some magazine-worthy close-ups.

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