Awesome Innovations in the Real Estate Industry

Awesomeness is happening in the real estate industry. Much of this awesomeness has to do with advances in technology. Whether it is technology that connects potential buyers with real estate companies or it has to do with real estate development, the real estate industry is facing some serious changes because of it.

Prefabricated Construction

Prefabrication technology in the realm of engineering and construction is totally disrupting the entire industry from top to bottom. Being able to create a 3D building or home design and having it prefabricated off site is a very attractive business model for everyone involved in the entire real estate process. PT Blink technology is set to cut construction times of high-rise developments by half. Dubbed the ‘Ikea of Construction’, this innovative flat-pack backbone is a pre-made steel structure built off-site, replacing slabs. It’s quicker to install, and work can start on a number of floors at the same time, significantly reducing costs.

From Smartphones to Smart Homes

The Internet of Things is expanding by the second. It seems that more and more objects are being replaced with connected gadgets. More than 15.4 billion gadgets fell in this very broad category, according to market research firm IHS. By 2020, look for that number to double and possibly even triple by 2025.
These "things" can virtually be installed anywhere, from water pipes to streetlights to public transportation systems. But it isn't just public works that are being affected by the whole IoT storm. Real estate is most likely the most affected by the Internet of Things than any other sector, hands down. It isn't only smartphones but smart houses and offices to go with them.
So, who exactly are the leaders in this industry? Let's have a gander at three.

1. Cisco's Smart Lighting
San Jose, California-based networking giant Cisco is all about the "Internet of Everything" and have created what they call the "Digital Ceiling." They want to connect people to their lights through their smartphone. I know this seems like old news (they were doing things like this in movies a couple decades or so ago), but they haven't just stopped at remote controlled lights. This smart light system won't require a normal electric connection - it will be powered by the Ethernet (internet powered lights!).

2. Honeywell's Human Sensors
This Morris Plains, New Jersey-based company has already established an IoT strategy that has touched around 10 million smart buildings globally. The Honeywell Vector Occupant App uses humans as sensors alongside real sensors to better detect maintenance issues, such as heating and cooling failures or even a stopped toilet.
“Smartphones and apps continue to enhance our everyday lives, from allowing us to hail a cab to giving us direct insight into where we stand on a restaurant waiting list. We’re now applying these same concepts of insight and control to how one interacts with a building,” said John Rajchert, president of Honeywell Building Solutions.

3. Johnson Controls Smart Buildings
The $37.7 billion company Johnson Controls believes buildings should have the ability to "talk" to each other. IoT is now becoming IoB (Internet of Buildings), which is hoped to usher in a whole new breed of net-zero buildings. Furthermore, the Internet of Buildings could soon bring about the outsourcing of building management companies much as IT is doing now. You can already see this taking form as real estate companies have started offering Remote Operations Centres (ROCs) for managing buildings globally through a specialized hub of remote centers.

Nanotechnology In Construction and Architecture

Nanotechnology is one of those topics that seems to go unreported. Nevertheless, nanotechnology will start playing serious roles in how buildings and homes are designed and constructed.
Today, we already have things like paints with nanotechnology. And, believe it or not, nanoscientists are going as far as to say that they are on the way to developing "nano-paint." Their "WallSmart" paint brand will allow you to change the color of the paint with the touch of the screen on your smartphone. They even hope that the paint's color could change with the user's mood or health. Now that would be something, wouldn't it?

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