8 Must Dos Before Showing Your Home for Sale

It's never a good idea to list your house for sale without first doing some advance preparations. Try to put on your potential buyer's hat and take a walk through your property. Making a few touch ups here and there could actually mean the difference between making a deal or not.
Some things that are advised by top real estate agents is to take notes of things that you feel should be repaired or replaced, getting rid of clutter, hiding personal or family photos, cleaning out closets, getting rid of excess or ugly furniture and do some spring-like cleaning.

So, what else do the pros advise us to do before placing our home on the market? Let's have a look.

Clean Like You Never Cleaned Before

This is a great time to do things like polish your appliances and faucets, wash all of your windows (even the ones on the second floor, if you have a second floor), clean the dust off stuff like the fireplace mantle and ceiling fans, and give your carpet a nice steam cleaning. Clean everything, and leave no piece of furniture unturned. If you are too busy for such an undertaking, maybe you should consider hiring professionals to come in and help you.  

Make Some Landscaping Improvements

Curb appeal is crucial to a good first impression, so make sure your home's lawn is pristine. The outside of your home is just as important as the inside. Get rid of shrubs and trees that are dead or dying. Mow the grass, trim shrubs and plant some flowers around the house. That's why it's a better idea to place a house for sale during the spring or early summer time.

Do Some Exterior House Maintenance

If the outside of the house looks in less than good condition, prospective buyers will be given the impression that you have been slacking off on maintaining your home. You're about to sell your home for 10s to 100s of thousands of dollars. This means it would be prudent to make an investment, such as a new paint job, fresh caulking around the windows and maybe even a new roof if it hasn't been replaced in a long while.

Clean Your Garage Out

Believe it or not, the garage is a huge selling point for potential buyers, especially men. You don't want to show your house off and have a garage full of boxes, engine parts and pools of oil on the floor. And one big aspect of the garage that should not be overlooked is the garage doors. As a part of curb appeal, the condition of your garage doors can make or break a house sale. If you need to replace them, then do so.

Repaint Your Walls a Natural Color

Even though you might find your pink living room lovely and romantic, the majority of potential home buyers will find it plain gaudy and disturbing. Try to paint your home in natural colors. Most people prefer neutral tones like tans and whites that allow buyers to focus on the spaces themselves, not the color of the walls.

Get Rid of Personal Items

When people come to a home showing, they are trying to picture what it will feel like living there, possibly for the rest of their lives. Your zebra printed sofa is going to take away from that experience. It's fine to have neutral paintings of nature or maybe a potted plant here and there. But try to keep personal tastes out of the whole thing.

Give Each Room a Purpose

Over time, some rooms in our homes become part-time office/storage room. This is not the image of the room you want to give to buyers. Remove everything if need be. Even better, give the room a purpose. If you have been using it as a study, then make it 100 percent study.

Make Your Bathroom Look Like a Spa

Unless you want to totally redo your bathroom, there are some ultra cheap ways to make your bathroom feel like a spa - for less than $100. Buy some new white towels and fold them nicely. Wrap some pretty ribbons around them for that extra touch. Add some cute scented candles and some incense, decorative soaps and shampoos, and you got yourself a spa-like environment.

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