Neo-New York Style Sourdough Pizza Concept to Take Residence in the Now Former Fooq’s Space

(Former Fooq's Location)
1035 North Miami Avenue

-March 4, 2021 Opening-
In the opening weeks, a limited number of pies will be available to order directly online via TOCK’s ordering system via the Eleventh Street website for curbside pickup.

The announcement of the hospitality group will officiate their newest concept, Eleventh Street Pizza, which will take occupancy in the now former Fooq’s location. Fooq’s, which opened in 2015, has plans to relocate to a larger space where the restaurant can continue to serve its loyal guests.  In addition to Eleventh Street Pizza and Fooq’s, We All Gotta Eat’s restaurant portfolio also includes the Foulquier’s New-York based, Michelin-starred Sushi Noz and Noz Market.

“This past year did the unthinkable to people all over the world. No job, no person, no industry was spared. Eleventh Street Pizza is an expression of our resilience, innovation and reinvention in the restaurant industry,” says David Foulquier. “Pizza is love – pizza is comfort – pizza is universal.”

David Foulquier is a native New Yorker, and Eleventh Street brings to life his nostalgia for the pizza he grew up eating and the global flavors he enjoyed through his travels. In the kitchen is pie-maker Aquiles Bisogni from Salerno, a port city southeast of Naples, Italy. Before relocating to be with his family in Miami, Bisogni was a pie-maker for 29 years at the original Joe’s Pizza on Carmine Street in New York’s West Village.


Bisogni estimates he has made at least a half-a-million pies in his career.  At Eleventh Street, the baking process starts with a sourdough mother that has been nurtured for seven years. The dough is fermented for 48-hours, then hand-pulled and hand-tossed to form round crisp pies, and two styles of square pies, a Grandma and a Sicilian.

Guests will have the opportunity to choose from a selection of eight round pies including classics like the The Carmine Cheese ($26), an ode Bisogni’s pie-making roots; The Brooklyn Cheese ($26) with sauce on top and a Pepperoni & Hot Honey ($32), while others show off Foulquier’s epicurean influence like the Nerano ($32) a homage to the Italian pasta dish baked with roasted zucchini, pistachios, mozzarella, caciocavallo cheese, and topped with homemade stracciatella.

Patrons can also expect rotating weekly pie specials such as the Fooq’s Pie ($32) inspired by the original concept’s Middle Eastern flavors topped with braised lamb, tahini garlic white sauce, caramelized onions, dill, and mint. Additionally, six square pies can be purchased by the slice ($12) and include La Provençal and a nostalgic Pepperoni.

Starters round out the pizza experience and include two salads featuring produce sourced from Miami-based, Urban Oasis Project, the Spicy Caesar with little gem lettuce ($16) and the Escarole & Walnut ($16). Likely to become an add-on favorite are the Fooq’s Signature Meatballs ($16) made with Florida grass-fed beef and served with the Fooq’s tomato sauce. Stay tuned for weekly subs that will rotate every Wednesday and include Spicy Vodka Chicken Parm, Meatball, and Classic Italian.

In the opening weeks, a limited number of pies will be available to order directly online via TOCK’s ordering system via the Eleventh Street website for curbside pickup.

Eleventh Street Pizza is located at 1035 North Miami Avenue in Miami and is currently taking pre-orders for the March 4 opening via Tock.  The restaurant will be open Wednesday through Friday from 5pm to 10pm and Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 10pm. Guests can secure their pre-order, by visiting For more information about Eleventh Street Pizza visit the website or call 786.536.2749. To learn about specials, the additions of new pies and menu items, follow Eleventh Street Pizza on Instagram at @eleventhstreetpizza.


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