Commissioner Diaz spearheads grant program for veterans impacted by COVID-19

“The combination of job losses, social isolation and mounting anxiety connected to the COVID-19 pandemic may be hitting veterans especially hard,” Commissioner Diaz said. “In addition to the financial worries, veterans already facing mental health difficulties could see those problems aggravated by public health efforts to stop the outbreak, so that’s why this grant program is needed.”


The grant program will provide $5 million for small businesses owned by veterans or active duty military personnel, $10 million for homeowners or tenants who are veterans or active duty military personnel, and $5 million for veterans or active duty military personnel in need of basic items such as groceries, gas and toiletries. Applicants must demonstrate past or imminent financial loss due to COVID-19 and present proof of a valid Veteran’s Affairs identification card or a copy of Department of Defense Form 214. The program will give preference to applicants who demonstrate that they have not received financial assistance from other emergency county, city, state, or federal forgivable loan or grant programs established in response to COVID-19.


The $2 trillion CARES Act was signed into law on March 27 by President Trump to provide financial relief to individuals and businesses financially impacted by the coronavirus state of emergency.