How to send cake to India?
India is a country of a large number of diverse individuals. It has people from several caste and creed living together. India is also the land where a Muslim husband can divorce his wife by speaking the word “talaq” thrice in a row. India is the land where males are favored over females when it comes to leaving a legacy or imparting education. India is the land of the Taj Mahal monument and the Taj Mahal hotel. As per reports, India has people speaking over 1652 mother tongues. From among these, Hindi is the most spoken language. People of India are warm and welcoming, so much so that they send cake to India, as a gift, when they have to migrate overseas for professional reasons.

Thanks to some vendors, you can now order for online cake delivery in India, from overseas, using the internet. They have used the internet and their offerings to forge an e-commerce business. Now one can give a black forest cake, chocolate truffle cake, fresh fruits cake or a pineapple cake to their loved ones in India. These cakes are eggless or with eggs. These cakes are made of different shapes. Some are in the form of a heart, some others are circular, still, some others are triangular. Suffice to say that one can send from a diverse variety of cakes to India from abroad.

A cake is symbolic in that it represents something sweet. Apart from this, a cake is eaten on birthdays. This means, it is eaten on a special occasion. Therefore, a cake is symbolic of a sweet that is eaten on special occasions. Hence, it has been selected as the preferred food to be sent to India, by overseas Indians. One can now send cake to India, using the internet as a medium. This is done on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Therefore, sending cake to India is symbolic of sending love to India. The cakes are just the medium of conveying the love.

Cakes can be sent on all occasions. They can be sent on birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, promotions, business lunches, baby showers, etc. Invariably, a bouquet of flowers is thrown in with the birthday cake as an accompaniment. Indians living abroad send cake and flower to India, to express their love for their kith and kin living in India. In this way, they keep in touch with their loved ones. Normally, Indians living abroad visit India at the end of the year because they get paid holidays at this time. However, those who cannot visit their motherland, make do by sending gifts.

Currently, a few vendors deliver the best quality of cakes at attractive prices across India. These vendors stress on providing service to their customers. Their mission is to satisfy their existing customers so that they can get testimonials from them. Therefore, overseas Indians can now easily send cake using these vendors. Majority of these vendors have a web presence. Those who do not have, tie up with vendors who are having a web presence.

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