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    Innovation and the Fear of Trying


    Last week in Inside Higher Ed, reporter David Matthews of The Times Higher Education characterized “as a surprising conclusion” the work of Carnegie Mellon University... (more)
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    Math Geek Mom: A Summer Without Driving (or Swimming)


    Years ago, when my daughter was first learning her math facts, I made “families” of flash cards for her. For example, in one family there were flash cards that read 2x3,... (more)
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    Information Literacy and the Great Divide


    When I was growing up “hardhats” - men who worked in construction and manufacturing and probably belonged to a union that helped them negotiate a middle-class life - had no... (more)
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    How Reading 'The Knowledge Illusion' Can Help Craft Our Professional Mission


    Notice that my professional mission statement  says nothing about how I actually try to accomplish these goals. Nothing about online education.  Nothing about educational... (more)
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    How to Cope While Caring for Elderly Parents and Young Children

    Andre Bowser

    In recent years, many people have become stuc... (more)
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    Wimbledon 2017


    [url=https://2017wimbledon.co.uk/]Wimbledon 2017[/url]

    [url=https://2017wimbledon.co.uk/]Wimbledon 2017 Live[/url]
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    A few safety tips to protect your home from fire

    Rose Oliver

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    Many of You Will Hate This School


    Imagine a school that makes students take the same courses at the same times as everyone else. Also, this school uses little or no technology. This school does not utilize contemporary... (more)
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    A Survey on District Culture


    “Culture is not the most important thing, it’s the only thing.”
    – Jim Sinegal, Co-founder and former CEO, Costco
    Is this true for schools and... (more)
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    Digital Writing, Digital Teaching


    Having been on my “to read” list for quite some time, I was finally able to dig into an oft-mentioned book: Alvin Tofler’s 1970 look at, well, today, Future Shock.I... (more)
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    Absolutely Intercultural Erasmus 30 Anniversity Practical Teaching Study Abroad


    Welcome to show 216 of our podcast “absolutely intercultural” which is the second of a series of “Erasmus podcasts” to celebrate and highlight the 30th anniversar... (more)
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    MLB All-Star Game


    [url=https://mlball-stargame.org/]All-Star Game[/url]

    [url=https://mlball-stargame.org/]MLB All-Star Game[/url]

    [url=https://mlball-stargame.org/]All-Star... (more)