1. Question added to topic Science17 May
    Why do I get stuck trying to dodge another pedestrian?

    Hello, Fairly frequently, while I walk innocently down a busy street, I find myself face to face with another pedestrian directly in my path, who is trying to walk in the opposite... (more)

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    Injecting Your Painting With Synthetic DNA Could End Art Forgery as We Know It

    donnie clark

    Watch out, art forgers: one company has released a tool that it claims could put an end to authenticity disputes for good.

    Over the past several years, institutions in bot... (more)
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    Where do You often choose to painting?

    donnie clark

    We often spend time in a quiet studio when we start painting at the beginning, while the accomplishment of painting is a process of art create. Sometimes, our inspiratio... (more)
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    Which Place is the best for the sculpting purpose?

    donnie clark

    Everyone enjoys doing art, but it depends on the mood of a person, few likes isolated place and few doesn't. So which place is best for doing art?

    Please help.(more)
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    Good Allocation Of Time?

    donnie clark

    Hi guys!

    I am unemployed and I graduated in June 2016 in computer science. I am currently applying for jobs but I have received a low gpa(2.3 cum, 2.0 major)(however I am ... (more)
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    Is Viewing Internet Traffic From Anywhere Possible?

    donnie clark

    I've wondered about this for a while. I understand that you can use programs like wireshark to capture your routers internet traffic. But could you capture traffic from a router... (more)
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    Be Summer Ready – Invest in These Stylish and Very Functional Outdoor Rattan Dining Sets

    Scott Anderson


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    Eating Problem Should I Be Worried?

    Hello I hope someone answer so here's my problem whenever i eat at some point I start to feel like ill throw up and i hardly swallow the food and i cant keep on eating but i still feel... (more)

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  9. Question added to topic Food09 May
    Eating Cotton Wool And Paper - Pica.

    I've seen people saying it can get knotted up in your intestines etc, and that sounds really dodgy. Does anyone have any advice at all? please help. Thanks. I didn’t find the right... (more)

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  10. Question added to topic Food09 May
    What to eat when you just prefer not to

    What To Eat When You Just Prefer Not To???please suggest me ? please help. Thanks. I didn’t find the right solution from the internet. <a... (more)

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  11. Question added to topic Food09 May
    Weight Loss Diet ?

    heard the controversy and i want an educated opinion on whether having a 300calorie a day diet with about 30 minutes of cardio a day would allow me to lose weight. please help. Thanks... (more)

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  12. Post added in topic Entertainment05 May
    The Best Air Mattress For Camping

    Andrew Kinn

    In the recent past, camping has become more popular as a result of urbanization. And because we have to stay relevant our bodies require some concession to enjoy it thoroughly. Better... (more)