I need help with my video card
One week ago i put my video card in another 3 pc's i wanted to sell but first i wanted to reset the windows and my monitor had only DVI cable so i put my video card in those pc to test them.Those pc turn on but the screen was black so i decided to test them later.The problems is that after i put video card in my computer when it start i need to wait 1 minute when is screen in black, after that windows start normal till "windows starting" apear then nothing just black screen.So i reinstall my windows and it work fine but after i install graphic drivers it happen again.If i restart my windows i can shut down and turn on without problems but when i install nvidia drivers that happen again and again.(black screen after "windows starting").Anyone had the same problem or have any ideea how to fix,i searched a lot but nothing fixed it?If u can help me i will be very thankful.(sorry for my bad English i hope you understand

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