donnie clark
Why do I get stuck trying to dodge another pedestrian?
Hello, Fairly frequently, while I walk innocently down a busy street, I find myself face to face with another pedestrian directly in my path, who is trying to walk in the opposite direction. Why is it that, when this happens, we find ourselves in a vicious (and socially awkward) cycle of trying to dodge and out-dodge the other person by stepping side-to-side, while remaining completely in the other person's way? For me, this seems to go on for 4-6 dodges, spanning several seconds (but feels like an eternity). Both parties seems perfectly aware that this is happening, but are yet helplessly trapped until either our dodging attempts eventually fall out out of sync, or until someone consciously stops dodging, and we are free to continue walking forwards. What is going on here? Thanks. I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: Insurance Video Examples

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