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  1. Post added by Donald YoungFri
    What type of springs are there?
  2. Question added by donnie clark17 May
    Anybody feeling high from the March for Science?

    Hello, I was curious about the psychology behind collective action, so I had a dig around on the paper+patent discovery engine (disclaimer: I work there!) There aren't... (more)

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  3. Question added by donnie clark17 May
    Why do I get stuck trying to dodge another pedestrian?

    Hello, Fairly frequently, while I walk innocently down a busy street, I find myself face to face with another pedestrian directly in my path, who is trying to walk in the opposite... (more)

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  4. Post added by Caitlyn Williams28 Mar
    Ask Questions and associated Risks, before going for the Spine Surgery
    By time a patient is ready for back surgery, physician have tried their level best treatments to cure the back pain. It is not sure that the operation will provide the relief, but they... (more)
  5. Question added by Gerald Smith18 Feb
    Animated sales video production

    Hello Guys, Hello Guys, Sales, yes it’s a difficult world for most of the founders, CEO’s or sales team who ever it may be. With options and more solutions just a Google away, its vita... (more)

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  6. Post added by Caitlyn Williams14 Feb
    Electronic Cigarettes Offer Many Advantages over Regular Cigarettes
    Electronic cigarettes are extremely popular these days. Known as vaping, they provide a great opportunity to smoke without getting the harmful ingredients found in regular cigarettes.... (more)
  7. Post added by Pamela Harris25 Jan
    Science vs. Superstition
    science vs superstition – the case for a new scientific enlightenment challenges the common belief that scientific progress in today’s world inevitably entails an element of... (more)