Well-known and inexpensive manufacturers of fitness tracker

Nike is one of the most famous manufacturers of sports equipment worldwide. No wonder the traditional sports company also produces fitness shoes. With the Nike Fuelband, customers can find a popular and powerful model in the offer range.
Users appreciate the ease of use and the fashionable appearance of Nike's fitness shoes. Despite the good quality, the sports bracelets remain comparatively inexpensive.
Fitbit is one of the best fitness tracker in the industry and places its emphasis on technically thought-out fitness bracelets, which stand out particularly because of their easy handling. A variety of different models allows each customer to find the matching bracelet for him.
Users of Fitbit wristbands praise the successful product range and the features of the individual models. The price level is designed to fit Fitbit fair so that customers pay only what you get.
Garmin is known as a manufacturer mainly from the field of navigation devices. The years of experience in the production of GPS devices are also part of the concept of fitness trackers, so that we particularly mention our customers' rout tracking.
Users of Garmin Activity trackers appreciate the high product quality and excellent positioning performance. This allows ambitious athletes an exact analysis of the daily movement data in order to discover potential for improvement.
The Finnish manufacturer Polar Electro has a long tradition in the production of sports watches. Polar was famous for the production of pulse watches. Pricey, the Fitness tracker from Polar in direct comparison somewhat more expensive, but fall by the good processing positively.
Customers have described the wearing comfort of fitness bracelets from Polar as particularly successful. They praise the well-thought-out functional features of the individual models and emphasize the robustness positively.
Jawbone is a manufacturer of fitness bracelets for innovation and a modern lifestyle. These principles flow directly into the design of new models so that customers can rely not only on the performance of sports bracelets from the house of Jawbone, but the bracelets through their innovative design ideas become ideal everyday companions.
Users praise the modern look of Jawbone trackers and appreciate the broad offer of the manufacturer. Some models are ideally suited for beginners and are characterized by the low purchase price and the right equipment.

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