sagway battery

In the sphere of battery and efficient energy use for electric vehicles, Segway Inc. is a force to reckon with. The company has made a lot of contributions in the areas of motors, microprocessors controllers, and batteries such as Lithium ion battery packs.
These battery packs are characterized by superb performance, lasting duration, easy daily use and adaptation to varied temperature.
Below are vital information on safety guidelines and essential tips to enjoy a lasting battery life and performance.
When you purchase Segway Battery packs, ensure that you read and follow all the guidelines written on them.
To avoid altering the battery life, charge for at least 12 hours before use.
Do not accept or use battery pack if the casing is broken.
Do not get close to the battery pack if it releases liquid substances
Do not leave them where you kids and pets could have access to them. Any exposure to the battery voltage is risky.
To save yourself and anyone from electric injury and household hazards, ensure that your Segway PT is disconnected from AC Power before removing or installing battery packs and any other services.
Keep them off flammable materials.
Do not pierce the battery packs or try to open the casing. The cells within contain toxic elements that could cause fire outbreaks when exposed.
Do not patronize unapproved charging devices.
Keep your battery packs out of water area. And do not try to wash them.
Ensure that they are replaced in pairs. They have come in pairs because it only functions effectively as such.
Keep each pair labeled for easy identification.
To remove the battery packs, follow the guides given below carefully; rest the Segway PT onto its side so that the outer side is lying on a clean surface.
Use only the 3mm hex wrench to remove the fasteners
Pull the battery packs straight off chassis


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