Need more volume without implants?

Elements are a leading medical clinic specialized, for many plastic surgical treatments including breast augmentation located in the heart of Yorkville.   The technology and techniques behind fat transferring has advanced dramatically over the last few decades, to ensure that transferred fat cells survive and thrive in their newly injected areas. If you have underdeveloped breast cosmetics science can help you correct them, and give full volume. The lifted breasts and fat transfer will allow for a look and feel that is natural without being invasive.  Patients who would like to undergoing a breast lift without using implants and  desire added volume to their breasts,   have the option of getting similar results via fat grafting or transfer. Fat grafting is safe with the added bonus of liposuction and sculpting from another part of their body, so two things are done at once, at same procedural price at toronto plastic surgeon at

The fat is re-injected into the breast; and because the fat is derived from the patient’s own body, provides little to no chance of rejection or reaction. The hips, thighs, lower back and/or abdomen are the areas undergoing liposuction. After the initial breast lift, as well as add more definition to the top portion of the breast, is the procedure directed to fill any depressions, correct any imbalance, for more cleavage. changes to the breast will continue until 6-12 months post procedure but  Patients will immediately notice added volume, however when all the swelling and bruising has completely subsided and the fat has acclimated and thrives in its new location.

Having Dr. Adibfar as the leading head doc of this clinic or meds spa, the very famous “Elements Wellness and Medispa”, has gained good popularity.  Patients seeking exponential volume may   consider a breast lift under board-certified Dr. Adibfar’s advising.

Dr. Adibfar and his team of professional, medically-trained staff are available to answer any questions, whether you simply need help addressing your deflated breasts after having breastfed or you want your chest to simulate the look of breasts in a push up bra,    you may have and to steer you in the right direction that matches your desires and body, and will get you feeling more confident about your lifted breasts and the way you look.  You may ask them your doubts if you have any during the consultation phase as they guide you through the entire process at this time. 

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