VISTA e juice is the popular company involved in supplying best e cig starter kits.

Those who have been using e-cigs might have noticed that different e-liquids are marked with various ratios. These usually show up on labels as 40/60 PG/VG, 50/50 PG/VG, or whatever ratios are there for propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin or may be Max VG or 100 % VG.  “Max VG” means 100% VG content. It is usually a blend that has at least 70% VG in it. Some may contain 80% or 90%, but “Max VG” never means 100% it depends on the manufacturer. Even if the base liquid is purely VG, adding the PG-based flavor and nicotine will not make it 100% VG. When all the parts in it use VG-based liquid, buy wholesale e liquid including the flavorings and nicotine you can say an e-liquid is 100% VG.
VISTA e juice is the leading company which supplies the e- liquid at the wholesale range.  While buying in wholesale range you may think how to store them? You can store them in the refrigerator and before using it bring it outside 30 minutes prior so that it comes to room temperature.   This e juice has to be diluted with a carrier because e-juice is a solution which is very thick and hence needs a carrier.   There are not only natural flavors but there are artificial too and in this way, you can enjoy almost all flavors at a much more affordable price. The firm then displays these products on their store for further selling to retailers or store keepers.   Starter kits are the kits which are designed to be used by beginners. These starter kits have very less amount of e-juice in them.     You can get the cartridges in wholesale so that its cost is lowered 

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