Every Institute or corporate house sees to the proper functioning of its different cells , JBIT being no execption.There are many cells in JBIT working on different concepts and ideas to make it the best organization in the region , management leaves no stone unturned to make sure everything functions smoothly , be that welfare of the staff, students , faculty members or management employees. As JBIT is an academic body it has to take care of many important things related to academic development and proper conduction of Exams of the different courses which the Institute is running for  best B.tech college in Uttarakhand
In order to make sure the smooth functioning or proper conduction of different exams of the courses being offered by JBIT there a proper EXAM CELL established by the management which has experienced people as its parts. The main job of the EXAM CELL is to make sure proper sitting arrangement of the students taking different exams , making sure about their admit cards, making sure about their names are correctly entered , making sure about how many back papers a person has to appear for and all. Moreover it has a responsibility of assigning duties to the faculty members in the EXAM halls and instructing them how to conduct these EXAMS according to the terms and norms of the respective universities from where the college among  best B.tech college in Uttarakhand  has got the affiliation of the respective courses. One of the responsibilities of the EXAM CELL is to also take care of the observer who is sent by the university to observe the smooth functioning of exams , EXAM CELL has to coordinate with this person to ensure that there isn’t any unfair means being used by any of the students .
Apart from conducting university exams ,EXAM CELL also has to shoulder the responsibility of conducting online EXAMS of different organizations like IBPS, BANK PO , SSC to name a few, this therefore becomes a herculean task for EXAM CELL as these exams require specially trained invigilators , so EXAM CELL @ JBIT also trains people to help aid smooth functioning of ONLINE EXAMS as well. JBIT leaves no stone unturned to make sure that EXAMS are conducted in fair and smooth manner , without any unfair means.

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