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Many of us won’t care for our teeth, and when they start decaying and paining we start regretting too. It’s true that “Dental hygiene begins at home with the proper care of brushing and flossing”, but it is also important that we need to take proper diet too to keep our teeth healthy. As they need an adequate amount of calcium to keep up their structure and composition. Poor nutrition can also affect the blood flow to the teeth which makes them weak enough to sustain anything. To maintain the health of teeth a balanced diet is a must. 
After a healthy diet what we need to follow to maintain healthy teeth is that you need to floss them along with brushing. Because brushing twice daily is just not enough, as the bristles in the brush cannot reach the inner most parts of teeth, which gives a good chance to the plaque to build up and ultimately it causes cavity. A plaque containing bacteria is what makes your teeth ill. Also to prevent gingivitis and keep your gums healthy Daily Flossing is a simple step that you can take. Davisville medical dental center offers dental hygiene treatment and tips too.
Our eating habits also contribute how sooner our tooth gets decays. If you consume a lot of sugar you may be at risk for cavities, as plague can feed on sugar easily and grow well them making a good big home. When the plaque deposits increase the decay starts forming and this can get towards the roots of the teeth making it loose its grip and ultimately fall off. Not only does it ends here but, the decay also spread to the adjacent tooth through nerves, as they are interconnected. So one single attack by the plague if ignored can attach your entire set of teeth if proper  Oral care  is not taken. And to do this you need to visit the dentist regularly. Dr. Maryam is a practitioner in the field of dentistry. They will examine your teeth thoroughly during your dental hygiene visits. During the process, they may take X-rays to evaluate whether you are experiencing any decay or other dental problems.
Dr. Adibfar is gentle and empathetic and strives towards patient satisfaction. They do have an expert staff here that is educated, very well trained and know how to perform advanced general and cosmetic services.


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