International Bulk SMS from India

Bulk SMS has brought huge change in product advertisement. This is one of the best methods to promote on digital media to obtain an intended geographical place. By using international bulk SMS service you can promote your products in distant countries. For a recently developed organization it is highly advantageous as they need a large sum for advertisement. In India, bulk SMS is one of the most authoritative tools for the promotions. MSG91 is a service provider that offers international bulk SMS from India.

Two Way Messaging or SMS

By using two way SMS response can be simply sent by customer on any of the product by just writing on their mobile. This is cheapest and quickest method to get helpful customer feedback.

A complaint can be put forward by SMS, which indeed is the simplest method to interact with the service provider. Complaint can depend on any kind of thing. It might be associated with malfunctioning of product, service, or support request, etc.

Product detail of any product can be delivered through email marketing lists. For this detail user must deliver a particular keyword to server such as purchase email marketing lists, which will then be processed and proper response will get sent to the requester.

SMS gateway

With SMS gateway you can deliver bulk SMS to a large number of customers with just a single mouse click. Its largest benefit is that you can deliver different bulk SMSs within a small cost. Bulk SMS software can go to at least 25,000 messages in a minute and it is high time that organizations open their eyes to this huge marketing tool as it allows you call their competitors. By using SMS software companies can deliver bulk SMS at a very low price.


SMS OTPs are more and more used in two-factor authentication systems to append an extra layer of security as various organizations like banks and supply chains offer online services, identify the error of employing conventional username and static password.

International SMS software

International SMS software lets you send bulk SMS to different countries customers. It is very helpful for international brands for advertising.

Best messaging service

Best messaging is an alternative to buy or opt-in to messaging programs, offered by third party content providers, for premium prices. The premium prices for subscription take place monthly, whereas premium prices take place only once. Different programmes provide both one-time purchase as well as recurring subscriptions.


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