Canada’s Gift Baskets is the online leader for quality appreciation gift baskets and baby gifts products and is located in Toronto. They have the best team which is experienced & creative and will provide you with a Guaranteed Premium Quality Service. You can convey a gesture of gratitude or be sending a Corporate Gift Baskets, Baby Gift Basket or Birthday Gifts Canada is the best way to meet, or simply sharing a thoughtful wish of remembrance your customers, clients, colleagues, and the very special business acquaintances. They have the best  toronto gift baskets  Designers in the business, traveling the world for the most impeccable flavors. The high-quality gifts are sure to the help out the valued customers. Here you will find a gift basket for every occasion.
CORPORATE ORDERS: Within an hour for order confirmation, you will get a call from the team. They specialize and their packages are designed for multiple orders and are just what you need. You can email them a spreadsheet with the addresses you are delivering to or simply copy and paste them onto their excel sheet. Later they will email you the invoice and inquire about payment details. 
Are you open for orders from other countries? They are open and they cater for several international customers’ needs. Credit cards from other countries are also accepted.
What are your payment options? The following are acceptable: Visa, Amex, and MasterCard Credit.
Is it possible to include gift cards or corporate literature in the basket? Yes, this is possible.
When is the best time to make a Christmas order? An early order is the best for Christmas as the stock may run out. Repeat customers often make baby gift baskets Toronto reservations by October.
Bulk orders form: please copy and paste all details onto the excel form for bulk orders and for multiple baskets orders being delivered to single addresses.
Telephone orders: For phone orders call 1-888-544-8978. Local, call 416-544-8978.
Can I come up with my own gift basket? Please contact in case you need a customized basket to fit a certain budget. Such requests, however, need to be with us by the 30th of November due to demand.
Do bulk orders guarantee discounts? They do offer discounts. For further details on this, please contact the corporate department. Please send an email at
You may contact them at Telephone: 1-888-544-8978 or Email:

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