Travel Tips for London-Things to Do in London for £10 or Under

Are you planning a trip to England? Are you in need of things to do in London for £10 or under? You have arrived at the right destination. UK Tour Center has some great travel tips for London to offer you to save money while visiting the city.
Are You On a Tight Budget?
If you are on a tight budget you can find listed here loads of ideas for things to do in London for £10 or under.
Affordable Places to Eat:
• For a delicious lunch, buy from one of the stalls at the Borough Market for £6.
• Pile up your hot chocolate with whipped cream, chocolate curls and marshmallows for £4 at Choccywoccydoodah.
• Enjoy frozen yoghurt for £3 at the Snog.
• Chinatown has affordable Chinese food available.
• Eat hot chips with delicious fish at one of the many fish & chip shops for only £5.50.
• Do you like a savoury or sweet pancake treat visit My Old Dutch for the best pancakes £6.50.
• For the best breakfast in London visit the Cereal Killer Cafe, that serves more than 120 types of cereal with over 30 varieties of milk from £3.
• Wild & Wood Coffee has the best pastries available to enjoy with your coffee.
• London has great burger bars available throughout the city to treat yourself for under £10
• For a tasty lunch treat, you can enjoy a burrito at any of the street food truck for around £5.
• For the best breakfast, Mayfair is not expensive get to yourself a tasty sandwich or full English breakfast under £10.
• Best Turkish Kebab with drink is under £7
• Find Chinese or Indian Buffet and eat as much as you like for £6 to £8
• Lunch time have a Pizza with drink for £7.50
• Fish & Chips £7.50
The above are just few examples of   travel tips for London  . There are much more tours, activities, places that you can use or visit under £10 or even free. If you like to get more of these tips go to our website.

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