San Antonio SEO how it could benefit your business

If you have a business located in the city of San Antonio, your goal would be to get more clients from your city. The best way to get clients is to direct them to your business website. But how will visitors find your site if you do not rank in google? The goal for every business owner is to rank higher in google. But how do you do that if you are a local business within the city and have countless competition. The  San Antonio SEO  strategy here is the same as any local one. Your goal is to great a business listing on both Google business and Bing Business, and make sure they both contain the correct and most up to date details of your business. Then, create social media accounts for your business such as a Facebook and Instagram and connect them to your business address.
Gain a local following
SEO is all about traffic and CTR from your search results. If you have local customers who follow your business pages on social media they are more likely to recommend others to your business. These new clients will search your keyword on google and will go to your website which in turn helps boost your search engine rankings. Once your CTR increases google will automatically consider your website more relevant for your keyword compared to your competitors.
CTR vs Backlinks
Before in the older days of SEO backlinks were king. Now as we more way to smart search known as sematic web, we realize that relevancy is key. As relevant content means content that users are more interested in. Google strives to make a better search experience for its users, if you want your business to rank for SEO in San Antonio, make sure to provide local SEO related content for san Antonio residents.

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