New Zealand - The Place Should Be On You Bucket List!

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If you are from Miami, then you'd feel at home in New Zealand. This is because New Zealand and Miami share plenty of similarities.

For one, New Zealand's Central Otago has about the same temperature of Miami's. New Zealand is also a humid place. And, there's a lot of seafood to try in New Zealand. Yet, that's not even the best part.

The best thing about New Zealand is it's very diverse. While you are perfectly at home with the warm climate, maybe you want to visit something new. With New Zealand's diversity, you can visit snow capped mountains and partake in winter activities with just a couple of hours driving. Then by the time you miss the sunny and warm weather, a couple of hours drive will bring you to places with a pacific-like weather. Sounds like fun, right? Here are a few important things you need to know when traveling to New Zealand.

Brief Travel Guide

New Zealand is made of two major islands and one small island. The capital city is Wellington, but Auckland is the city that has more of a major cosmopolitan vibe.

Perhaps the biggest difference that you should be aware is that New Zealand's roads are right-hand drive. You might think it's not a big deal until you start driving a right-hand drive car in a right-hand drive road. Even when crossing the road, you must first look to the right as it's the immediate direction where the cars are coming from.

New Zealand has four international airports, which are Queenstown, Wellington, Christchurch, and Auckland. January is usually the month in which the airline tickets are the cheapest.

New Zealand is perfect for a driving tour. You get to experience a wide variety of climates and geographic features by doing so. It's also one of the best ways to explore the country. If this idea is interesting to you, then your best bet is to rent a campervan. You already know a few important things about New Zealand and why you should visit the place. However, you may have no idea what places to visit. To help you with that, here are a couple of suggestions.

A Few Spots You Should Never Miss While In New Zealand

Bay Of Islands

If you like to live the beach life, then this is the place to go. With about 144 islands, there are tons of water activities to do and interesting islands to visit.


There's also a lot of things to do in Queenstown, from bungee jumping, skydiving to river rafting. Queenstown is also home of the Shotover Canyon Swing, the world's highest cliff jump.

White Island

If you are interested in a "primal" adventure, then White Island features the most active volcano in New Zealand. A helicopter ride is also breathtaking.
New Zealand is truly one of the unique places on the planet. It offers a great diversity, from the sub-tropical forest and coral reef-rich waters to snow capped mountains. If you want to know more about the New Zealand, you can visit New Zealand's official tourism page, this New Zealand travel blog, and New Zealand Wiki page.

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