How to choose an orthopedic pillow for sleep?

How to choose an orthopedic pillow for sleep?

Orthopedic pillow shape

The shape of the orthopedic pillow allows a person to rest during sleep. Most orthopedic pillows have a characteristic shape: a notch in the middle, a "roller" along the edges. Some of this futuristic design is slightly intimidating, but this form of orthopedic pillow is great for sleeping. During the rest on its our spine is not deformed, the muscles of the neck and shoulder girdle relieve tension, blood circulation is fully. The spine is in a state of some "stretching", does not re-bend. Resting on such a pillow, you are unlikely to wake up in the morning with a "wrinkled" face - this is ensured by the lack of convexity in the center of the pillow and its optimal rigidity.

Some orthopedic pillows have rather classical shapes, usually they have the form of a rectangle. If want, choose such variants, they are more habitual to a look.

Orthopedic pillow fillers

After reading about the filler of the orthopedic pillow, you most likely will not see there fluff, holofiber or other familiar materials. Most of the fillers of orthopedic pillows are represented by materials of two main varieties: gel or foam.

Foam. It is distinguished by its lightness, airiness, excellent heat exchange, elasticity, softness. These qualities make this pillow orthopedic and comfortable to use. Some varieties of foam (memory foam) have the most important property: they have the memory of form. After compression, stretching, pressure, the memory foam pillow restores its original appearance within a few seconds.

The memory foam tempur-pedic pillow, taking the form of the parts of the body resting on it, is the best. Foams with this property can be either synthetic or natural, as well as of semi-natural origin. For example, foamed latex can be an excellent option for orthopedic pillows with memory foam effect.

Gel. The gel fillers in orthopedic pillows are especially unusual for consumers, but do not be afraid of them. The choice of orthopedic pillow with gel is always successful. Rest on it is just wonderful. Additional plus of a gel pillow - a kind of "climate control." Some types of gel have a noticeable cooling effect, which makes them very comfortable to sleep in the warm season.

Do not forget to choose a good material of the pillow cover. Even the most remarkable inner content can be spoiled by a substandard case. The best types of orthopedic pillows are those in which the covers are made of quality materials, "breathable", pleasant to the skin and beautiful, for example, from good cotton or satin.

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